Grace Carson is part of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Orthodox means straight teaching, presbyterian refers to our form of church government by a session of elected elders.

Many people today are looking for a church that is true to the Word of God. The search is complicated, however, because of the wide variety of churches to be found in most communities. Some local churches are faithful to God’s Word, but many are not. Some think they are following the Bible, but have fallen into serious error.

Other people belong to a local church that is faithful to the Bible, yet their denomination is drifting away from it. Such congregations or groups within them may be looking to unite with a denomination that remains faithful to the Scriptures. If you are looking for a local church or a denomination that confesses the Bible to be the Word of God, and has made it her authority for faith and life, we invite you to find out more about the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC).

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church is steadfastly committed to promoting the glory of God. She has seen his hand guide, protect, and even reprove her during the seventy-five years of her existence. She was born out of persecution for the sake of the gospel, nurtured in adversity, and strengthened as she sought to fulfill her Master’s call. She strives to keep her eyes fixed on Christ Jesus, her Savior and Lord. By the strength of his Spirit, she endeavors to live righteously in full obedience to his Word, her only rule for faith and life.

For a more elaborate expression of what our church believes the Bible teaches concerning the Christian faith, please consult the Westminster Confession of Faith and Larger and Shorter Catechisms.

Some of the content on this page taken from What is the OPC?